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Feng Shui Masterpiece
Last Update: 15 Aug, 2018

Feng Shui Masterpiece

Feather & Lawry Founder and Senior Designer, Clare Feather, recently enjoyed a holiday in Malaysia, and while in Penang had the pleasure of staying in the boutique hotel and historic attraction “The Blue Mansion”. It was built in the late 19th century by Chinese businessman and politician, Cheong Fatt Tze, after extensive consultation with the era’s leading Feng Shui master. Building materials were imported from as far as Edinburgh and craftsmen from throughout Asia. Located in the World Heritage Precinct of George Town, it remains his most prized achievement, although he built several elaborate homes across Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

The Blue Mansion is a mélange of cultures and architectural styles, celebrating both Chinese mythology and British colonialism. It is adorned with the fundamental Feng Shui elements of metal, timber, water, fire and earth and features Scottish cast-iron balusters and Cantonese timber lattices. Despite its contradictions, its consistent scale and proportion ensure the aesthetics elegantly and gracefully blend into a true architectural masterpiece.

Clare felt instantly peaceful and present the moment she crossed the threshold and believes the Feng Shui master definitely achieved his 'brief' in evoking a harmonious spirit upon all who enter the Mansion. The plants in the courtyards were completely thriving and a calming energy filled the rooms. She beams with joy in sharing experience of staying in such a magnificent space and is inspired for future design work.

Enjoy the photos!

Feng Shui Masterpiece 1
Feng Shui Masterpiece 2
Feng Shui Masterpiece 3



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