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Design's Impact on First Impressions
Last Update: 20 Feb, 2018

Design's Impact on First Impressions

Any flourishing business attributes customer satisfaction and understanding client needs as critical to ongoing success. However, the best service or product can remain a well kept secret if not presented attractively to its specific target market.

The exterior, signage and reception area of a business make a powerful impression on prospective clients. A 2011 Harvard study reports it takes an additional EIGHT positive interactions to restore the impact of ONE negative reaction. The same study found people take only FIVE seconds to make this initial judgement, which strongly influences their opinion on the company and its professionalism.

Feather & Lawry have extensive experience in commercial architecture and design and have transformed the exterior and interior of many local businesses in order to create positive first impressions and communicate the vision and values of the organisation. We work with businesses to determine the best fittings, finishes and colour schemes to create positive first impressions and an ambience which reflect corporate style.

If the exterior of your business needs repainting, the signage is faded or the waiting room consists of mismatched furniture and outdated magazines ask yourself what impression this would give a potential client? Does the design reflect your company’s brand message? Just as an individual’s attire and presentation strongly impact how they are perceived so too with an organization and its street view, client reception and meeting areas. Design IS a powerful marketing tool!

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