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Artwork + Design
Last Update: 24 Feb, 2018

Artwork + Design

In a perfect world, the colour scheme and furnishings of a space are designed to showcase a piece of art and highlight its role as the soul of the room. We are sure Picasso would be mortified to think anyone selected a piece of his work because it went well with the sofa! However, in the real world, rooms are usually designed to suit a function and then artwork is selected to complement the space.

Feather & Lawry is an Architecture and Design firm with an Art Gallery, an experienced Curator and a stable of talented artists. We regularly host exhibitions and our gallery and offices showcase a range of beautiful artwork.

We understand the dilemma of finding the perfect piece of art as it will be the focal point of the room and should complement its style, colour scheme, scale and furnishings as well as add soul. Our Designers and Curator are able to provide a selection of works suited to your particular space. We are also able to liaise with artists to create a custom piece for your space.

As shown in photograph, acclaimed artist Kendall is pictured discussing ideas for a commissioned piece with one of our architecture and design clients.

Our website lists available works by artist with information including medium, size and price. We are also happy to arrange delivery in the Toowoomba region and ship worldwide.

Look out for more info on our gallery as we introduce new artists and offer a larger range of exciting, dynamic work in our 2018 program.

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