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Artist Q&A - Wendy Roche
Last Update: 22 May, 2019

Artist Q&A - Wendy Roche

Artist Q&A

Wendy Roche, Impressionist Photographer

How would you describe your style?

My style is quite different to that of other photographers. I am drawn to the creative side. That which makes you look twice and even ask why? What is she thinking? My style is painterly, fleeting and impressionistic. It takes a lot of practice and I out and about most days crafting my skills. I have always tried to capture my images in-camera without manipulation through Photoshop or Lightroom.

How do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from where I am at the time. It could be the beach, a foreign city or in the garden. I like to stand at the water’s edge and just take in the movement of the ocean and put my own spin on how I interpret that. The image that I take will be an impression of what I’ve seen. It’s the same when I am traveling. I get a general overview and then let my imagination conjour up an image that I would like to take. I will be inspired by isolation or the hustle and bustle of a big city. Sometimes I am inspired by other people’s work, particularly the early Impressionist painters like Monet, Degas and Turner. I love interesting light and colour combinations.

Can you give a glimpse into your process?

When I’m shooting in nature, my process is quite simple. I find the right place to shoot. It might be a particular beach, always at either sunrise or sunset. For these shoots I take a back pack with a couple of lens choices. I am currently shooting with a Canon Eos 5D mark 4 with a zoom lens. For my beachscapes I use a slow shutter speed in combination with panning/zooming.

When I shoot my botanicals, I might be either in a park or in my studio. I love to shoot poppies and September and October are my prime shooting times. I use specialist lenses for these shots as well as other creative techniques like painting on glass and other creative filters. When I recently did a series in Paris, I felt that I wanted to make my images very moody with careful use of light and movement. I used pinhole photography to achieve most of the effects for this series. So in general, before I do a shoot, I will reflect on the environment (light, clouds, lines, colour, crowds, vehicles) and then I will think about the lens I will use for the shoot.

Was there a particular moment or person that inspired you?

I was deeply moved by the work of a fellow fine art photographer whilst doing a photography workshop about 12 years ago. Her name is Eva Polak and she was a student of Ken Ball, who was teaching at the time. I remember when I was watching a slideshow of her work feeling incredibly emotional and moved by her work. I feel this way when I see abstract photography because there are so many interpretations to every image. These interpretations are not necessarily what the photographer may have intended.

What’s the most rewarding part of your practice?

It’s definitely the joy of creating a beautiful image that requires no manipulation straight out of my camera. It is soul pleasing to be standing alone on a beautiful beach during the golden hour with all conditions working in your favour or finding the perfect flower straight from nature and taking an image to do it justice. I find that spending time creating can help you straighten things out in your mind and make your day amazing! My style of photography can be quite isolating but I love being at one with nature.

Do you have a favourite piece of work or a series?

I definitely have favourites! I LOVE my series of works from Paris! My images of the Eiffel Tower are totally different to any that I have ever seen. It felt good to have created something that is so different and that would be very difficult to recreate! I spent quite a few hours waiting so that the light was right but also there were people in the shot. I also really love my seascapes. They are my passion and give me such a feeling of inner piece that is really hard to describe.

Tell us about any exhibitions or events that are coming up:

I plan to exhibit at the Downlands College Art Show in September 2019. I am currently exploring opportunities in Sydney and the Gold Coast. I plan on taking workshops at a beautiful facility at Murphy’s Creek.

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