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Art's Impact on Wellness and Productivity
Last Update: 15 Oct, 2018

Art's Impact on Wellness and Productivity

Our fabulous exhibiting artist, Febe Zylstra, gave an Artist Talk at the Gallery on Wednesday evening and discussed her passion for creating art and the vital role it plays for her in the treatment of bipolar disorder. The event was part of the Unleash the Beast Writing and Wellness Symposium, which sought to create awareness and discussions on Mental Health issues.

Febe shared her mental health story and all present were deeply moved by her honesty and bravery. She smashed through stigmas and demonstrated what an intelligent, creative and resilient woman she truly is. Febe discussed how her work has evolved in the years she has been practicing and how frequently her works evoke strong emotions in viewers.

Sigmund Freud agreed that feelings often cannot be adequately expressed in words “We experienced it [a dream] predominantly in visual images…part of the difficulty of giving an account of dreams is due to our having to translate these images into words. ‘I could draw it,’ a dreamer often says to us, ‘but I don’t know how to say it.’” (Freud, 1916-1917; p. 90).

Our curator, Sally Johnston, discussed how art is therapeutic not only to its creators, but to everyone that appreciates it. A recent study conducted by the University of Western Australia found that recreational artistic activities such as browsing in an art gallery or attending a concert, can improve mental health and well-being. (BMC Public Health)

The team at Feather & Lawry Design often remark how lucky they are to work in a studio which doubles as an Art Gallery. With four exhibitions a year and eight exhibiting artists, the walls are always bursting with beautiful artworks. Many articles have been written exposing the positive effects of art in the workplace including increased creativity and productivity as well as helping to relieve stress. (Why Companies Should Have Fine Art in the Workplace, Marissa Brassfield)

As part of our full suite of architecture and design services we offer art curation and placement services and our range of original artworks by Australian artists includes landscapes, abstract, figurative, still life, sculpture and photography with prices starting at $120! Please email us to discuss your art requirements. 


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