Our brief was to transform a tired 1980s home which was laid out around an unappreciated, unloved and underutilised courtyard space which had no point of entry from the street. Internal spaces were fully refurbished and opened up with the invigorated courtyard as centra… Read more
Support the local economy and regional artists this Christmas! The Feather & Lawry Gallery is proud to support the arts in the Toowoomba region year-round, providing a gallery space in the CBD and offering works for purchase from artists from throughout t… Read more
Our fabulous exhibiting artist, Febe Zylstra, gave an Artist Talk at the Gallery on Wednesday evening and discussed her passion for creating art and the vital role it plays for her in the treatment of bipolar disorder. The event was part of the Unleash the Beast Wri… Read more
Our clients, a busy professional couple, purchased a 1970s brick home and wished to modernise and update before moving in.  The project brief was to create a light filled, calming space which provides an effortless transition into relaxation after returning home… Read more
Artist talk with Febe Zylstra As part of the Unleash the Beast Writing and Wellbeing Symposium on World Mental Health Day, our exhibiting artist, Febe Zylstra will share how ART is a vital part of her healing from post-natal depression and living with bipolar disorder… Read more